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Watching art pieces over a DeviantGroup I've found this drawing, since it's a pixel art piece I decided to give it my CC about.

Monsters, creatures, dragons, and anykind of a combination or mythical living fiend looks amazing at sideview pixel art, but this only if they was drawn by the right way, with correct proportions and colors. This one isn't an exception, excluding simple animation that it has, the entire sprite looks amazing. Deserving the hard work that it shows; colors were managed correctly, and primal design (outline) looks very polished.

It's a perfect example of a great pixel art piece.
Keep going. ^^

-A +6 years experienced video game pixel artist.
DokitsuArt Studios.
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Deestracted Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
Thank you so much, I really appreciate the critique! ;; I'm glad my pixel art is getting better ahh, I'll keep working on it for sure <3
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