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I've been looking for some pixels over a few galleries, and I found your piece that is requesting a critique, a CC btw. ^^

So, I was looking at your pixel art so close. The entire piece looks great, firstly I've to say that you need to put a background in there to make more sence at the object, because it looks like it's floating on nowhere. I mean, maybe put a shadow on the floor, with this your art will get more impact at the first looking.

By the way, you have managed someway a bad contrast at your color palette, maybe because you have taken colors from your reference. (bad idea)
So, isn't a huge problem, you just need to reduce a bit color count or put those shades to a darker color, and it'll be solved.

With your permmission, I've done a sample with a color correction:…
Note: shade was rushed, and also there are a lot of ways for color corrections.

Otherwise, you have two (2) wasted colors in there, not a big trouble:…

I like your gallery, you have a nice stuff in there.
Keep going.

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Cosmos-Centric Featured By Owner Edited Dec 6, 2016   Digital Artist
Thank you very much. I definitely see what you mean about a shadow/background. I think I'll try that next time. I'm not sure if I'll edit this piece again yet or not. :) I agree about the contrast too.  It looks a little too light over all.  I only have four colors... so I don't think I could use less though. Hmmmm.. I almost feel like it might look better if I add a color. 

You said it's a bad idea to pick a color from references. So what is a good way to pick colors? 
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